Accelerated Flight Training

A.F.T. (Accelerated Flight Training) is the leading provider of Instrument and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Flight Training Programs and professional consulting services to the General Aviation Industry, aircraft manufacturers, private companies, law firms, corporations, Business professionals, athletes and government agencies. We can come to your location and train in your aircraft on your schedule. With our method you can attend your business and don’t have to leave home in order to receive Full time and intensive training. Beginning in 1987, AFT continues to be the future for General Aviation pilots. The Airline industry and US military has continuously utilized accelerated flight training method for our pilots. Years of experience have proven, full-time, intense training leads to a greater level of skills, proficiency and confidence necessary to operate safely as a well- trained pilot.

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Why our training is the best for you...

I had 3,000 hours of instruction time in single- and multi-engine aircraft. I have always loved general aviation and began taking lessons in 1979. My first solo flight was in 1980. Since then, I've logged over 30,000 hours in total flight time and have flown 32 different types of aircraft. My passion for aviation led me to get my CFI in 1986. In 1987, I earned my CFII and MEI certificates. By 2007, I had 3,000 hours of instruction time in single- and multi-engine aircraft.

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