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Boeing’s Max Loss May Be Embraer’s Gain in Ukraine
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ACJ319neo Completes First Flight

ACJ319neo Completes First Flight

Airbus Corporate Jets successfully flew its first ACJ319neo for one hour and 55 minutes yesterday, marking the launch of the aircraft’s short flight-test program to verify differences with its airline transport sibling, the A319neo. Design variations include extra fuel tanks in its cargo hold that will give it intercontinental range. The aircraft is destined for K5 Aviation in Germany, which firmed up its order for an ACJ319neo in January 2016.

Outfitted with five additional center fuel tanks and either CFM Leap-1A or Pratt & Whitney PW1100G engines (K5 Aviation opted for the latter powerplant choice), the ACJ319neo has a maximum range of 6,749 nm (12,500 km) with eight passengers. Compared with the A319neo, the ACJ version also has a lower average cabin altitude of 6,400 feet (1,951 m).

The flight-test program should last no longer than a few weeks, an Airbus spokesman told AIN, at which point this first ACJ319neo will be delivered to K5 and outfitted with a VVIP cabin by Fokker Techniek in the Netherlands. The first flight comes a little more than three months after Airbus Corporate Jets delivered its first ACJ320neo to UK-based Acropolis Aviation.

Reference:   www.ainonline.com

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