Discovery Flight

Discovery Flight

Our Discovery Flight is absolutely the best way to get a taste of what it is like to be an actual pilot. This “mini lesson” is only $125 and you will get 30 minutes of hands-on flight experience that you can count towards your license.

You and one of our FAA Approved Flight Instructors will spend about an hour together. You will start by performing an actual pre-flight of the plane and then you will become the pilot and take the controls to experience the amazing freedom of flight.

A discovery flight is usually a short flight with a certified flight instructor or commercial pilot and includes your participation. If you've never flown before, you might be wondering what to expect. Here are a few things to expect during a typical discovery flight.

Fainaly a Discovery Flight, often called an introductory flight, is just what it sounds like: A flight that allows a person that's never been flying to try it out for the first time. Discovery flights are often offered at a discounted rate, and they’re a great option for someone who wonders if they should get a private pilot's license.


People take discovery flights to learn what it’s like to fly, see if it's something they might want to pursue, and sometimes just to see the area (although some companies distinguish between discovery flights and scenic flights, such as a tour of a city, so make sure your discovery flight is going to accomplish what you intend it to.)

Some flight schools are more formal than others, but in general, your pilot will be friendly and relaxed. A Accelerated Flight Training ( ACCFLTTRAIN ) is an environment for learning, so you may see other student pilots and private pilots engaged in lessons, taking a ground school class, or just hanging out and chatting with other pilots. Your instructor will likely welcome you personally, might ask you a few personal questions to see what your level of interest is, and then will discuss the details of the flight with you.