Some Of Questions Our Customers Ask

1How many days would it take to obtain the CFI rating?
The program consists of two sections. Prep for the oral portion which is 7 days.  The second section is prep for the flight portion which is 5 days.
2Do you have any availability in mid-December to early January?
Yes we have 2 spaces available for the month of December.
3How is your CFI School set structured?
The course structure is from 8:00 am til 5:30 pm each day.  We operate six days a week with sundays as off day for all.
4I am wondering if your school provides any multi commercial flight training?
Yes, we do multi commercial either in your aircraft or ours. Either in your location or ours.  Please contact us at +1 502 552 6752 and we can provide you additional detail or answer any questions that you have.
5do you have the outline or the course? (what's the duration of the course, if I intend to fly everyday )
The PPL course is 90 days in duration. The cost for the course is $11,750.00 including aircraft fuel and instructors. Check ride and written knowledge test is not included. We have 97% first time passing rate.
6When will PPL course be available?what is the ground school schedule for upcoming month? (if there is any )
our ppl course will be available May 1 and July 1 We recommend that you enroll as early as possible while there are seats available.
7How far in advance do i need to register?
We recommend as early as possible.
8Do I need to reserve the instructor or plane ahead of time? (I would like to train on C172)
Yes a registration is required but you will have a dedicated instructor and aircraft for training afterwards.
9any accommodation you would recommend while I am here for the training?
We can recommend many location in different price ranges.
10How long will the enrollment normally take for international student?
yes you will need a TSA approval and we can not predict their process. But usually a few weeks.
11What is the rental cost of the plane and the lesson cost when working on my private pilots license?
The cost of the aircraft is $150.00 per hour including the fuel and additional $55.00 per hour for instructors if needed.  After some initial training you will not need an instructor at all times so there will be a saving there
12 What does a private pilot do?
Private pilot covers all fundamental knowledge and essential skills of aviation. This course is really important because it’s the basis of your training. Note that you don’t need to have any previous experience or specific training in order to take this course.
13How many hours is IFR rating?
Instrument Rating is composed of maximum 3 flights per week each of them about 1.5 hours. At least 50 hours of cross-country flight time as pilot in command.
14What is a commercial rating?
The necessary license that you should have to become an airline pilot is Commercial Rating Certificate. Undoubtedly, this is the the key to become an expert aviator. During this course, you will attain special level of proficiency that gives you a kind of striking competitive advantage.
15WHAT is certified flight instructor ( CFI ) course?
If you want to become a certified Flight Instructor, which is an initial step to be prepared for further improvements, you have to pass this course. Most students who pass this course, can become instructors at this center which has two kinds of advantage: • First gaining experience for the airlines, • second be paid for teaching.
16I am looking for an accelerated private pilot program to enroll in once I finish my current online ground school course and pass the FAA written exam, most like in the first quarter on 2021. Please let me know what programs you offer?
Thank you for your interest at our programs. Our Private Pilot accelerated program is 30 days . It includes 55 hours of flight time and 50 hours of ground instruction. The cost for the program $14,500 plus applicable taxes. We have had %91 first time passing rate in our program during the last 17 years. We would love to be part of your aviation success story. Please let me if I can answer any further question. You can also reach me directly at